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Paddle Steamer Ruby

1907 Historic Paddle Steamer Ruby    

Welcome aboard the PS Ruby Website! - Your connection with Australia's river highway to the outback ... Step back in time as you learn about the authentic 1907 heritage paddle steamer PS Ruby, operating from the Murray Darling river junction. Feel a tinge of excitement and adventure as you imagine the steam chambers breath life into the powerful paddles propelling the 205 ton riverboat. Note the lovingly restored woodwork and polished brass fittings and be amazed by the 132 foot 9 inch vessel that only dips 2 1/2 feet into the water below. Imagine how the outback opened up through the Murray and Darling rivers. Fuel had to grow out of the surrounding bush to fire up the boiler.

The legendary billabongs of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin might be as rich in biodiversity as the waters of the Amazon jungles, according to Dr Russell Shiel, a scientist with the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre at Albury. Now, after the recent high river floods, the billabongs and lagoons are teeming with life and the spectacle of cruising on a commercially surveyed New South Wales heritage paddle steamer is a unique opportunity.

There is no better time to view the great Australian Outback from the river.

Between cruises you can visit the PS Ruby at Fotherby Park in the port of Wentworth, NSW. The historic riverboat is open weekdays for inspection.

For bookings, call now on 03 5027 5080 (Wentworth Visitor Information Centre). For International call +613 5027 5080

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